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Story Dated: 2012-11-06

3 Bedroom 2-storey house in trivandrum

3 Bedroom 2-storey house on 10 cents of land set within a well maintained exclusive villa compound with 24 hour security, park, basketball/tennis court and community meeting spaces set in the picturesque hillside 30 minutes drive from Trivandrum city centre. 

The house is well maintained and has had only one owner since construction. It has front and back gardens with walled fence, a carport for one car, and paved drive with room for a second car. The house has an upstairs master bedroom with attached bathroom with bath/shower and toilet, a separate upstairs lounge, rear terrace and a balcony. Downstairs there are 2 large bedrooms with attached bathrooms with shower and toilets. All 3 bedrooms have floor to ceiling fitted cupboards. Front living room has a side bay window and large front window which faces the front garden and the compound’s park with no future prospects of construction (i.e. unobstructed beautiful view). The dining room has large French doors that open on to a small garden patio, and has a sink with fitted under cupboard, mirror and lights. The kitchen is spacious/open plan style with fitted cupboards, breakfast bar a small entrance hall with space for cupboards and a separate pantry. A rear exit from the kitchen leads to a split level back garden with established coconut, mango and jack fruit trees.

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